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That's right. We have a Javelin Destroyer!  Currently the largest player ownable ship that will be in the game, and only one of 200 sold at all, so far.


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As some of you heard, I had a serious NAS failure and as a result my VMs (and therefore the website) were down.  Luckily, after almost a week, I was able to rebuild the array and bring the NAS back up.  Let me know if you notice anything weird or not working correctly.

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Through some miracle (and a lot of hard work), I have managed to restore all of the posts from the old forum.  Some of the formatting is a little weird (especially with links and pictures) but let me know if you see any posts that are just totally messed up.  I may not have converted all of the users or other variables correctly, but so far every post I've checked seems correct.  I have also set all of the old posts as locked, but let me know if you want one unlocked so you can bump it or continue a conversation from years ago.

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Because the site and database are completely new, you will have to create a new user account.  I will be doing some linking with your old account as I import more of the data from the old site.

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Hey guys! Welcome to the new site!


Let me know what you think.  if you find anything that doesn't work or have questions about how something works, let me know that as well.


I have imported all of the old news items, but the formatting is a little off.  They also appear to all be posted by me, but I will fix that as more of you register your accounts.  I will also attempt to import all of the old forum posts as well but, in the mean time, you can find the old site here:

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