Fat Jaws Badness was founded the game Allegiance in April 1999.  Since that time, we have gone on to play many other games, but at the core we remain a strong, cohesive unit, ready to back each other up.



Our roots took hold in the space combat game Allegiance, developed by Microsoft Research. We were one of the first truly powerful squads in the Allegiance community, due in no small part to our early adoption of VoIP communication.  When the Rixian faction was added to the game, we were the first group to master their new tactics and made a name for ourselves as one of the premiere dog fighting squadrons.  Our “Scout Rush” tactic was so overwhelming, that Microsoft was forced to patch the game in order to reduce the efficiency and dominance of what was generally considered the weakest faction.

Founders: KyleDL (Dolemyte), saiamne, unver



As Microsoft Research began to wind down the game, the second Allegiance Wars was kicking off.  Due to the popularity of the first AllegWar, a draft, trading and map control system was introduced.  As one of the more respected Allegiance community members, KyleDL (Dolemyte) was chosen as one of the faction leaders for the war. Through draft picks and trades, he was able to assemble all of FJB into his faction, Divine Iron Coalition Kamikaze’s. With FJB forming the command structure and on the backs of their superior dogfighting skills and communication, D.I.C.K. was the winning faction in the second and final AllegWar.  Shortly after the War ended, Microsoft Research shutdown the Allegiance Servers again and we were forced to find a new home.

Notable Recruits: BloodPod, CaptAmerica, Cosmic Rogue, Crawdad, Grax, Music626, Neofight, Ryjamsan, Ryjamsan1, Scrotie


Anarchy Online

With our home in space shutdown, we sought refuge in the Sci-Fi MMORPG game Anarchy Online.  We expanded our membership during our time in Anarchy Online to over 150 members, our largest at any point in our existence. Though we had fun, we missed the freedom of Space and the joys of blasting other ships in zero gravity. We yearned for a new universe to call home…

Notable Recruits: Masquerade (Elzzar), SeaSnake, sgtsmile, werd



A lucky few of us were able to join the Jumpgate universe during the Second Closed Beta phase.  This was the game we had been waiting for since Allegiance.  Through communication with the developers, we were able to secure more beta accounts for other members that wanted to join us in the crazy new universe.  Through our naiveté combined with our swagger from our days as salty veterans of space combat, we quickly fell into a war with the reigning pirates on the server.  The community was small at this time and The Dark Path were very powerful in comparison.  Though we quickly lost several ships, we gained massive respect from the other established squads as well as the pirates themselves.  We still had an advantage in communication and our dogfighting skills were still some of the best around.  We were also one of the only combat-oriented multi-factional squads, which gave us advantages in both equipment variety and availability, but also through the strength of our factional allies.  Through the subsequent beta periods, we were able to maintain a relatively small, cohesive and skilled group of pilots.  Several times we tipped the political balance of the server through our economic prowess or through our missiles and guns in battle.  Any time a large group decided to pick on our smaller but powerful squad, they were dealt an expensive lesson.

After release, we gained notoriety for being the first squad to claim ownership of a neutral sector (before such ownership was built into the game).  With our declaration of Evenings End as our home and our institution and enforcement of the Gurge Speed Limit, we kept the peace in the trade lanes between Octavian and Quantar space.  The largest Solrain squad at the time, (SOL) Navy, took exception to our claim and enforcement and attacked us.  Though they outnumbered us 10:1, we never lost any ships above a Medium Fighter and they were forced to surrender after several days of heavy losses of Cargo Tows and Heavy Fighters.

Our final large contribution to the Jumpgate timeline was on the back of one of our founders, unver.  Though we were a multi-factional squad, we made many friends with peaceful mining and trading Squads of the Quantar faction. Unver helped initiate and oversee one of the largest, most aggressive construction projects in Jumpgate history.  The /qbuild channel, created for this task, was still one of the more popular public channels in the game until the servers were shutdown.

Notable Recruits: Penguin, SeaSnake, Trog, VenomX



As Jumpgate’s population waned, we were again forced to look for a new home.  With the PlanetSide beta opening, many of us chose to dock our ships and pick up guns and vehicle certifications.  Through our membership took a hit during this period, we were fortunate enough to build on the core group that is still around today.

Notable Recruits: Flatline, GreaseMonkey (Gearshift), Otep (Slayer), Profile, Stonewall


WoW, SWG, EVE and the Isolation Years

After PlanetSide’s “lattice system” was introduced, many of us lost interest in the game. We moved on to other games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars: Galaxies, EVE Online, Battlefield, etc.  We never had a large or organized presence in any of these games, but even during this downtime we managed to keep the core group together for daily meetings on our Ventrilo server.  We weren’t always interested in or playing the same games, but we always enjoyed each other’s company and have built friendships that have lasted for years.

Notable Recruits: Pagan, SnakeofDOOM


LoL, SWTOR and Beyond

One of the first games to bring the majority of the group back to playing together again was League of Legends.  We have had many nights of fun and frustration, but keep coming back due to the competitive, team-based gameplay.  The first MMO the group has all played together since PlanetSide was Star Wars - The Old Republic.  Though our time in this game was also relatively short, we were all back to playing a game as a group.


At the core, that’s what we are: A group of friends who gets together every day to talk and play games together.  We may not all be playing the same game, or even have the same interest in games any more, but on any given night you can find a group of us chatting away on Ventrilo or getting in a quick game of Battlefield, League of Legends, Minecraft or whatever the flavor of the week may be.  We have kept our core together for over 15 years, based on this premise of fun and friendship.

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